Living reaches 100 mph per hour, staying fit and healthy is a boring struggle when you are busy. Here are ten tips to help you find the time to keep you in top shape.

A good way to concentrate your time on what you enjoy, healthy and fitting way is to list everything you want in your free time: for example, or on your favorite TV Run the program.

Once you get your list, please start from number one by prioritizing each activity and return. At the end of this task there is a list of activities you enjoy. Make sure you reach at least one of the three priorities in a day. However, it will take 15 minutes.

At least
In order to enjoy, 1 hour of training is not always necessary, once you understand it, you can exercise more regularly even if you spend the day. For example, you can do 4 minutes of kettlebell practice, 4 minutes of abdominal exercise, and 2 minutes of squat and shortness of breath.

Learn some super fast recipes
Going to the fireplace is not fun when you have had a terrible day and came home late at night. Recently, in order to avoid taking an unhealthy meal, I will learn a super fast recipe that can be deciphered quickly. Turkish steak with feta salad and beetroot is a healthy meal that you can cook within 10 minutes as well as vegetable fried.

Use speakers or mobile phones
In many cases, if you are calling, think about how to start during these long calls. Please leave your office and walk somewhere quietly. It is the perfect way to move around your desk while moving without losing your concentration or spending lively and healthy time on the phone.

Optimal food
If you are busy, dieting will be difficult, vending machines, pizza and takeout will be a regular event. To ensure adequate nutrition, please ensure adequate food that brings you the best health benefits at all times. For example, seeds of tomato (good for the heart), spinach (good for the brain), blueberries (good for cholesterol), salmon (good for weight loss) and pumpkin are good for your health.

Choose a healthy hotel
According to studies published in occupational environmental medicine magazine, those who worked more than 20 times per month found that obesity was 1.92 times higher, and that the likelihood of poor health was 2.61 times higher. I did not move only six times a month. If traveling by business, please book a hotel with a gym and a healthy menu. If you are there, please do not eat comfortably.

Training with your children
Looking at your little boy, you immediately recognize that they are better than personal trainers.

Saucony Triumph Iso 3
When playing with children, riding a trampoline, dancing in the living room, playing games together during the day, it is ideal for practicing without realizing it. Also, do not feel guilty unless you spend enough time.

If you follow a busy one-day meeting on a busy day, your stress level is probably high and stress has a bad influence on your health and well-being. One of the best things you can do to fit healthy is to learn to relax. Studies have shown that if you do not have time to meditate or have a bathtub, you can relieve and relieve the stress of the body even if you expect to laugh. Let’s see some funny Youtube videos that will help you to relax.

Super set
If you manage to fit your busy schedule, please run the superset to maximize training. Instead of setting a break time between sets, Super Tuning reduces training time by 50%, because it tolerates only the muscles that you practiced and performs alternative movements that cause the reverse before starting the next set. For example, if you work on the stomach, you will train your hips.

Live an active lifestyle
If you are struggling to find a time to go to the gym or to join a dance class, incorporate the exercise into your lifestyle so that your schedule is at its peak. For example, instead of using a taxi, you can ship items at home, party with gardening at parties, swim with friends while enjoying coffee.

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