A smart and smart dress is a difficult skill to master every day. Fortunately, we have the top 15 tips all women should know. Small and simple, these practical tips revolutionize the way you dress in everyday. Even if you work on Sunday, drink it or eat a branch, these pieces will always be elegant and wonderful each time you leave the house.

1. Do not be afraid to mix patterns.
Pattern is a wonderful way to bring life and fun to your wardrobe, combination of patterns is even better. So, if you have protected the primary colors of the past 10 years, be brave and wear stripes, stripes, flowers, gingham etc. Remember that your models complement each other and do not conflict with each other. Please select focus design and show clothes in different costumes. You can also select two designs using a matching or complementary color palette.

2. Apply color to suit your skin.
Have you ever wondered if you have some colors good and some things? It depends on the color of your skin. Try filling your wardrobe with your favorite color to make sure all clothing you wear is beautiful. If you have a fresh face, please buy clothes with white, black, gray, silver, blue. On the other hand, if your color is hot, you can refuel with brown, yellow, gold, olive, red.

3. Buy these three required jackets
A little black dress and white T – shirt are important for the wardrobe, but do you know the jacket you need for your wardrobe? Tailored blazers, leather jackets, denim jackets are three models that can not be negotiated for elegant ladies. The tailored jacket covers you for work and formal occasions, but the denim jacket becomes casual. Leather jackets are perfect for flashy dresses and evening drinks. Whenever you are late you can catch one immediately at the door.

4. Display the appropriate amount of skin
It is essential to show the proper amount of skin to create a beautiful night set. Please show only a part of your body so that you can find the right appearance. If your feet are the best, please choose a collar high long-sleeved mini dress. If you want to show disconnection using deep V design, please select one completely. If in doubt, please do not reveal less. Too much skin often looks a little rubbish, but everything may look elegant.

5. Please do not forget accessories
Adding accessories must be the last step to complete all clothes. Whether it is a simple belt or a chain hanger, the accessories have the power to make the appearance beautiful. Therefore it is important to invest in good accessories and remember to wear them. Stylish shoes, bags, hats, sunglasses and jewelry are necessary for a fashionable finish.

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