Today, bloggers are very powerful in the world of fashion, they are modern models. However, unlike the standard runway model, these famous bloggers have various shapes and body sizes. We asked the stylists to share their healthy eating habits and fitness routines that enable them to work enthusiastically on their busy (and fashionable) lives.

Taylor has always exercised in a Stirling style, but she is currently sworn to CrossFit. Fashion bloggers use her amazing body to trust fitness programs.
My style: It changes everyday. I’d like to try out the trend, but it is usually classic and sticks to femininity.

My training: In the last year, I did CrossFit. I do not mind the schedule of my training program and meet someone who motivates me. It is also ideal for those busy with busy schedules. I train about 4-5 times a week and do what my CrossFit gym instructs. Yesterday he was Sled Push and Double-Unders, and today he has 100 shots and shoots.

My dietary habits: I sometimes take an eclipse but I do not have a specific meal. Most of the time, I eat moderately. I like to eat clean food like fruits and vegetables

My hint # 1: Please enjoy. I think that workouts must be challenging and challenging, but I also have fun. I like Crossfit. Even on the days I am afraid of certain training, I have a good time and feel vitality.

Deniz de fashion monsters were not always enemies of training. Indeed, this fashion, travel, food, fitness blogger once said she disliked sports. However, the determined Denizu challenged her life, training at the local gym, changing her body, and her life.
My style: It is eclectic. I will take maxi of flowers, add leather jacket and sharp jewelry and create something on the edge.

My training: I was always thin, but I noticed that I was not thin. I like to have definitions in my body. I hired an instructor Patrick Goudeau as a personal trainer. If Patrick does not protect me, I will make his DVD. I really think that training at home is as good as group lessons. I do it at my own pace and I do not feel intimidating when I practice alone. I am pleased to be in shape, but I recommend DVDs on their own terms.

My diet: I try to drink at least four water a day. When I become food, I eat everything moderately. It makes a difference so that it can be heard.

My tip # 1: Please look for inspiration. It’s everywhere. Fit feeling requires dedication, but it is your body and you should always give priority.

Sydne by Sydne Style balances healthy eating and exercise and keeps her figure in shape. Fashion bloggers admit that they do not like training, but she sticks to the routine of walking and playing with dogs and enjoying yoga.
My style: touch femininity and politeness, latest trends.

My movement: I will try sports three times a week. It is DVD 57 at home, yoga, hiking and so on. Walking with friends is a great way to keep social and fit. Instead of inviting a girlfriend for a happy hour, please pick me up outside for an hour.

My diet: I eat a lot of salads including chicken, fruits and sushi. On my day my schedule is crazy, I am preparing Lunar Bar and Almond. The worst thing is to go out at night without eating all day. In the evening, I know that I will stay, I am filled with low calorie soup. My favorite is Trader Joe’s tomato and pepper.

My advice # 1: It’s a matter of balance. If you can not exercise for a week, please do not worry. I will be back next week. The food is the same! I have a weak point in pad tie. I envelop her with fat noodles, but I often eat it the next day.

Producer Allison at FabSugarTV presenter had relied on race to maintain body shape once, but after injury developed alternative training. By combining routines such as bicycle, yoga, pilates, body building, hiking, on-air animators will lead a lively and healthy lifestyle that is never boring.
My style: Parisian chic with an unexpected feel. I would like to try a new trend, but there is nothing worse than the tendency not to flatten your body, so always stay in the truth what I love!

My workout: A typical day in the gym consists of 45 minutes of the heart, usually 30 minutes by StairMaster, 15 minutes by ellipse, 30 minutes of weight training. I have a pistol circle in five different exercises. I repeat 20 times and do 3 sets. Now I’m lifting a 5 pound weight and includes everything from basic biceps curvature to pulling the shoulders and triceps muscle muscles. Then, after I strained, I have 500 abdominal pain.

My dietary life: I eat up the same thing a little in the week, and it will be fantastic on weekends. I adhere to a peskatic diet. Every Monday I cook tilapia and salmon fillets and use it for lunch during the week. I put my fish on arugula, spinach, tomato, avocado, a delicious bed of light champagne dressing. I cook red grapes, carrots and hams all day long. I will come home late from work, so I tend to eat. My favorite thing is spicy tuna sushi with brown rice. I am a lover of chocolate, to meet my desire, I take the Tofutti Ice Cream Bar.

My tip # 1: Please do a healthy diet even while you are on the move! Instead of eating, make lunch as often as possible and switch to heavy meat for light options like fish and chicken breasts.

For Fabulus’ Kimmy, fashion and fitness are both compatible. For example, style masters love to train in fitness classes. In particular, wearing soft heels is an additional bonus. As a cycling and hiking enthusiast, Kimmy is always looking for stylish equipment.
My style: My style is various. My closet is my inner daughter Holly Golightly Uptown, sensual fashionable kittens, Sienna Miller-esque boho hippie, even the latest trends that I care about, this clothing, accessories, bags, you fashion I feel like a superhero.

My training: I practiced groups, such as spinning, pilates, ballet and barre, and is active actively. Collective thinking in the classroom motivates me with courage. I love Bikram Yoga. This makes me feel good and healthy while I seriously sweep the weekend sin. More than anything, I like cycling and hiking. It’s about exploration, so it will not feel like an exercise at the end. Someone should actually tell it to the designer to correct it and make a helmet and hiking tool.

My dietary life: I was a Texas girl, so I enjoyed a good steak every time, but I could not give up chicken even after trying to become a vegetarian. On the healthy side, I like humus of kale, carrot and celery, quinoa, solid tofu and acai bowl are packed.

My hint # 1: It’s like a fashion tip for my fashion: hug your shape and let yourself calm. I am attractive and heavy bottom so I will adjust my training to answer it. When I got a little fat girl the day before, I went to the gym next day and tried to eat neatly.

Pinkhorrorshow Frances is a fashionable gourmet. A polite blogger is not a fan of Jim, but I am exploring other creative ways to shape in New York.
My style: I am not a trendy girl. My general style is very classic, I am dressed. I like to make things interesting and wear flashy accessories to give extra pops.

My training: I am famous for hating Jim. I think this is very boring. I live in New York, it does not mean a car. I have to use my foot instead. I have a Labrador, so I’m willing to walk in the city. I also bought a bicycle this year. After driving for several weeks, not taxi or subway, I not only saved money but also saved the definition of muscular quality on my foot.

My eating habits: Using sticky pasta like carbohydrates, I feel craving, so a strict and healthy diet is difficult. Normally when I cook at home, I go from white flour to complete or complete pasta, I use light meat like turkey instead of beef. I think it is delicious too. My favorite health snacks are almonds baked in clams, celery of homs and red peppers, a thin cow sandwich (no taste), and sweet fruit smoothies. Honey note.

My advice # 1: I do not believe to limit myself to what I really want, but of course sacrifice is necessary. For example, I get homemade chocolate cookies, but I will never go out and eat fast food.

Modern Love

Janet, the founder of Love Moderne and also the owner of Moderne, is still moving, but there is still time to train the style, beauty, fitness, and health of busy bloggers.
My style: I am a genre chameleon, but overall my style is Boho Glam.

My workout: As the days get longer, I am enjoying the end of my work in the long term (in any case productivity will clean my head with great training). Long hiking. For days when it is too hot or too dark, I choose a gym or classroom lesson. When I can not attend the class, I turn to the Tracy Anderson Method DVD.

My diet: Because I am a petanetan, everyday meals are salads, fish and seafood. I suck pasta, so I must actively practice Italian cuisine self restraint.

My tips # 1: Keep moisture! I really feel the difference between the days filled with coffee and diet soda and the days when I’m hydrated.


Dana von Possessionista organizes his blog style and has the same enthusiasm. Bloggers have acknowledged that they had both size 2 and size 12 in the past, but by eating well and exercising on a regular basis, we eventually achieved a healthy balance.
My style: I am a girly, there are lots of influence of Boho. I am also attractive, so it is important to wear clothes for my body regardless of current trends.

My training: I play an elliptical motorcycle. I take the bar method class. And I have two sons who move me.

My dietary life: I like food. Now I am really eating roasted vegetables. I try to set a good example for my child and I try not to make foods less important. If I do not say that there are lots of candies in my house, I will tell a lie.

My tips # 1: Since my son was born in 2005, I worked as a weight watchdog. When you see yourself getting weight, I usually notice that I lose the program.

When Jamie moved from Queen’s crisis in Los Angeles to a quarter of New York’s life, she got about 15 pounds. Since then, fashion, beauty, and celebrity bloggers are supporting her weight. – It was lost by changing meals.
My style: It’s a classic trend, there are small advantages. I love bright colors, jewels, black and white patterns, and I always mix metals.

My training: I have always loved ballet, but the only activity that changed my life is boxing. I’ve been doing this for three years. It is a wonderful way to relieve stress.

My diet: My coach changed my life when I introduced me to Tim Ferriss and 4 hours Slow-Carb Diet about 6 months ago. Essentially, I eat a thin protein and a ton of vegetables with a cheat date once a week. It’s not for anyone but as it works for me I am always full!

My hint # 1: I need to have a regular appointment with my coach who knows I must meet him. In this way, I know that I can not train for happy hour or a new episode of true blood.

Can you afford to buy a personal trainer? Please plan your training time with your friends! Responsibility brings you there, a small friendly competition makes you work hard.

You can recognize reality Molly through my eyes of ABC The Bachelor, but also a fashion, lifestyle, and fitness blogger. I am enjoying weekly hotness like frying and pasta, so it helps to exaggerate the rest of the time.
My style: I was not the creator of the trend. On the contrary, I pay particular attention to what the fashion world is paying attention to and work on my wardrobe accordingly.

My training: I have a lot of energy to train because I had no mistakes in training. That’s why it’s very important for me to design daily training and not to get bored! I am going to jump on the CrossFit car, circuit training, special course, running, and I.

My dietary life: Because I am a true Midwest, I want to eat meat and carbohydrates everyday! Unfortunately, however, I know that I can not eat it as usual. I adhere to lean meat, vegetables, carbohydrates of whole grains.

My Tip # 1: Please change my training and my playlists! If you have something new to expect from my training plan, it is easy to accomplish that.

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