Good advice is a good thing. Whether in the undiscovered restaurant, dormitory, Pimlico’s double final safe place, a skilled insider’s hint gives himself confidence. Control. strength.

1. Knowledge is power, baby.

As you will find, it is also a strong body secret. We have fulfilled an endless mission to make your life the best shape. We rescued the best experts in the world, scrutinized their archives and found tips for 100 perfect fitness training. Everyone’s life.

Prepare yourself: You will feel the power – you have a body for it.

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2. Build a better abdominal muscle

Do not work on your abs long everyday. Dr. C. S. C. S., a sports scientist at Ball State University, says: “Physically, your abdominal muscle is the same as your other muscles, please do not train only 2-3 days a week.

3. Protect your neck
Please put your tongue in the roof of your mouth when you bite. “Straightening your head helps to alleviate the tension in your neck,” says Michael Mejia of C.S.C.S., a male health consultant.

4. Keep your muscles flexible
If you are under 40 years old, continue practicing stretching for 30 seconds. Please keep for 60 seconds if you are over 40 years old. When you reach middle age, the flexibility of your muscles will decline and need to be extended for a long time.

5. Please do not drop the ball.
To catch pop flying in the sun, please protect your eyes with your gloves. He is taller than your free hand and puts the leather in a perfect position to catch the ball.

6. Muscle grows and saves time
Maintain weight training within 1 hour. After 60 minutes, the body produces more cortisol (stress hormone), causing testosterone blocking effect and muscle destruction.

7. Exercise in order
Please use dumbbell, dumbbell, machine in order. “The stable small muscles used in dumbbells get tired of your big muscle groups,” said Staley, a tough leader in Las Vegas. So, when you are tired, go to a machine that does not need the help of small muscles.

8. Strengthen your mind
Do not be afraid of situps. We changed our attitude. The reasons are as follows. Ship-up increases the degree of freedom of movement and makes the abdominal muscles more difficult. Crunches with towels wrapped under the back of the Swiss ball above or below have similar effects. Avoid sit up with fixed feet that may hurt your back.

9. Test the bank
Please push your thumb with a bench before lifting. Mr. Kenkinakin, Canada’s chiropractor and founder of the Weight Training Injury Expert Association, said, “If you can smell wood you can find another bank.The hard bench can cause T4 syndrome The T4 syndrome is a malformation of the thoracic vertebral column that hinders and weakens the nerve function of the arm.

10. Swim faster
To proceed quickly while swimming, please show the flexibility of the ankle. Flexible feet looks like a pinball machine and drives you faster underwater. To increase the bending of the flap, do as follows. I will sit on the floor with shoes. Stretch your foot on the floor. Please straighten your toes as straight as possible and bring them closer to your toes as close as possible. Repeat for 1 minute.

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