Good advice is a good thing. Whether in the undiscovered restaurant, dormitory, Pimlico’s double final safe place, a skilled insider’s hint gives himself confidence. Control. strength.

1. Kill tablets
Please do not take tablets after exercise. Researchers at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences at Arkansas Medical Sciences have discovered that ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) are less effective than placebo to relieve pain. More importantly, they say that drugs can inhibit muscle growth after the exercise.
2. Place like a pro
Roll the golf ball on the mat to improve your putt. Distance does not matter. Please throw by hand and stop at a specific destination. We will improve the ability to judge speed and line without finding a racket.

3. I will blow your belly
When you breathe in the abdominal muscles, it spits violently from above the movement. This will make your abdomen work harder.

4. Make a big brachial biceps
Bend your wrist to strengthen your upper biceps more strongly. In other words, you stretch them a bit behind and hold them like them while making curls on your arms.

5. Fast recovery
Unless your illness is on your neck, please do not exercise if you are ill. Still, it would be better to take a day off. “Your body does not make muscles and stamina, but uses resources to heal yourself,” says C.S.C.S, a trainer at Santa Clarita, California.

6. Write down the rhythm.
Please raise the speed of your stride. Please speed up. Your feet are always under your body, not in front of you, please press with the toe of your back foot for walking.
7. Dig a ballast belt
Do not train with the lead belt. With the passage of time, the regular training of the lead belt weakens the abdominal and back muscles. Please wear it only when you want to do a lot of exercise such as squat, dead lift, aerial press etc.

8. Drive more efficiently
A single leg motorcycle to drive more efficiently. This will focus on the lower end of the stroke and helps better distribute the work to the larger leg muscles. I lock both feet with a pedal, but please relax my left foot while working with my right foot. Please do this after 30 seconds. Normally you drive for 5 minutes, then repeat exercise. Continue for 20 to 30 minutes.

9. Reduce your wealth
Please work with the invisible abs. Your abdomen abdomen is under the rectum abdomen – 6 pack muscles – flatten your waist when sucking your intestines. Working with vacuum: Pull the button on the abdomen to the backbone and hold it for 10 seconds while breathing normally. I repeat this five times.

10. Stretch for strength
It takes 20 to 30 seconds to stretch the muscle you worked on. Researchers in Boston discovered that men who did it increased their strength by 20%.
11. Protect your shoulders
Change the handle will reduce weight by 10%. So if you have 135 shots at medium repair with 10 repairs, switching to wide shot will drop to 120 pounds. “They can tire your joints and muscles in a way different from familiar parents, and you have the possibility of injuries,” Kinakin says.

12. Improve speed
Please try this step to increase the speed of the sports foot. Lift the left foot toward you and touch it with your right hand to lower it to the ground. Please raise your right foot and touch it with your left hand and lower it. Next, touch the left foot with your left hand with your right hand, then touch your right foot with your left hand. Walk for 20 seconds, move as soon as possible, repeat 3-5 sets in total.

13. Repair muscles faster
The next day, by exercising the same muscle slightly, I recover quickly from hard work. Use about 20% of the weight that can be lifted once and repeat 25 iterations twice. This will supply your muscles with a lot of blood and nutrients and will make the repair faster.

14. Dress up
Purchase only black, white, or gray training wear. They have everything. You will not waste your time looking for T – shirts that match the shorts of Purple Gold Lakers.

15. Eat meat and grow
Eat meat 4-8 ounces daily – Increase your muscles. In a study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, we compare two groups of old weight players: one group ate meat and the other group ate meat. Both groups became stronger, but only in carnivores there was a significant increase in muscle mass. Chicken, turkey and fish are also problems.

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